Thirteen Ways to Identify corruption

Corruption can be anywhere. In your local government, in congress, in your school district, in your gym, or in your neighborhood. It is everywhere baby. I know how to pinpoint corruption because corruption fears me yet it always comes my way. I can taste it, smell it and spot it a mile away. If you are corrupt I will be inside  you in a split second getting to the root. All I can say is “I am like a bottle of Soda, I can be very refreshing but if you shake me, I will get all over you” Here are my pointers on how to identify the possibilty of corruption: If you need to approach someone and they are in charge of permitting or giving an approval and are very crabby or lazy , if they sell fear and try to intimidate you…  bingo…. they are corrupt If you find a Bureaucrat that insists on running you around and around ,,,bingo you have found corruption If you are in a ghetto where everyone is a renter…bingo you have found corruption If you present great ideas and people look at you like you are a trouble maker at work…bingo you have… Read More →

One Man , a roofer and “The bread of Life”

My daughter and I woke early this Sunday and headed just down the street to the boardwalk in my home town of Bradley Beach, NJ. We were riding our bikes with many others catching the Atlantic Ocean early morning breeze and the traffic of families doing the same. I really did not care about much at this moment except the safety of my daughter and her happiness. We made a midway stop at a DunkinDonuts in Belmar, NJ and it was there we sat and talked about how concerned she was with my career trajectory and interests. We sipped our coffee and chatted. My daughter now 22 years old has seen me in many different work modes. My daughter explained to me that she and her sisters would just be happy knowing me as a roofer, somebody that took pride in his work and stood by his word. She told me that she and her sisters all wished that I did not always have to be reaching to do more and to make such a big difference in the world. She asked, Why did it always have to be more? “Dad, I like you as a roofer and I just… Read More →

Economic Turmoil : Roof Eaves Drop

These days I spend more time crunching News Bits and data regarding the economy than I do on the roof. This is an unfortunate situation but one of the reasons that in early 2009, I started the Foundation for Job Creation, I have watched closely the deterioration of the economy that I forecast come to fruition. I have watched the nation act as wandering sheep get lured into the economic pen for slaughter expecting a political savior that will not come. I have contacted my fellow roofers across the country looking for support only to receive disengaged selfish opinions as if the economy was a rope and wheel that they were controlling to lift and set their own destiny. I am here to inform you that we are about to enter a new phase of awareness regarding job creation and an understanding of economic condition. There is a major contraction happening among consumers. Commercial real estate will now begin to contract as well. The consumer is shutting down.   Americans have stopped believing that everything will be OK   Start Thinking-Start Innovating     Real estate is an not a liquid market and neither is the stock market as… Read More →

Dope and middy, Just what a roofer bleeds.

Get the dope and middy is what I was told after my second day on the job at Lawrence Brothers Construction in Crystal Lake . Illinois 1978 when we were working at the propane station off Walk-up. My immediate answer was yes sir. In my mind I thought what the f-ck is that. I turned to Tom Volmer and he shrugged his shoulders bent down and grabbed the 50 lb can with one hand and black gauze. In Crystal Lake Illinois Dope and middy was a roofing daily staple. Part of a roofers life to seal anything on a built-up roof. What did you call roof cement and fabric where you are from? Please post it in the comments! Later on in my years I realized that Dope and Middy was just one modified nomenclature for roof cement and asphalt saturated fabric . Roof cement consists of petro products and a variety of fillers like slica, clay, fiberglass, and plasticized emulsions. WHO CARES BELOW? Asphalt Roof Cement: The proper name for Plastic Cement and Flashing Cement. Asphalt roof cement consists of solvent-based bitumen, mineral stabilizers, and other fibers (sometimes asbestos). Asphalt roof cement is categorized by ASTM standard D 2822-91… Read More →

New – Old Roofer in Bayonne and Jersey City, NJ challenges Status Quo

The current financial crisis and the real estate crisis nationwide has caused home owners and developers to look at building , repairs, and roofing in a different way. No longer will a home owner have a leak , take a home equity loan, and replace the roof. In today’s world 2012 the Homeowner or commercial building owner is more interested in solutions that get them through and still keep their building or home away from the destructive nature of water infiltration. I am an avid follower of financial news and I am sure that we are in a phase of eliminating credit from the mainstream of the economy. This has made us look at what we do with the customers perspective. Like the days of implementing TQM into the manufacturing process it is Our goal to implement the lowest price to the homeowner or building owner to “get them By” I think we are more equipped after 35 years of business to help the owner out. I personally would like to see home ownership stay in the hands of the user and not the investor. This is why we always try to bring a solution to the roof repair situation…. Read More →

Coffee in the morning. Watch the edge!

OSHA , (OH Shit Here Again) is not the best at preventing falls from the roof, I am. If you listen to what I am going to tell you right now you will prevent most fall accidents. Come up on the roof with me and you are likely to hear the same from me about 20 times during the day. If you do not listen to me you will also most likely feel my hand bunching up your shirt as I grasp it and pull you towards me. I do not play on the roof and I do not care how big you or are who you are. You are not going to fall off my roof while I am there. So listen or expect to find my hand on your shirt. I am going to give you some pointers that could prevent the sudden shock of your life and for that matter the sudden end of a trip to the bottom from whichever roof you are departing from. Besides … “If you fall you are fired before you hit the ground”quote by Bobby Norton. Here is a list of the basic rules that every roofer I have ever trained… Read More →

The Roofer , The Joker , Got Crazy? James Holmes

I am going to warn my audience now, I am going to take you places that you never thought you would ever go. The word is officially out, The Aurora Colorado Gunman was not a roofer, at least as far as we know now. Although he could have been a roofer that decided to study neuroscience and get his PHD? Nah.. The official roofers diagnosis from atop was “this guy was nuts”. I hate to succumb to the rally for why this happened at a Batman Movie but I think it is appropriate to share a voice when you have a mind. I can tell you I am pissed and I am hoping the caped crusaders come out of their cave to show up and foil all this purging of the reasons why. Most roofers can tell you that in the real world, in the roofers world, from up in the heat or against the cold , it is either a fake or a fraud. Fake or Fraud was once mentioned to me when laying up a tarred felt coal tar pitch roof on a post office. One ply of felt was running off line so Glen Balcom told me,… Read More →

Roofs and Marriage, any correlation? Union City Blues

Has anyone figured out that a marriage is unavoidable when you find the one that you just cannot live without? Now I am a roofer that supports Gay Marriage everywhere for the sake of of “love” and absolutely loves weddings and of course traditional marriages too. FYI , I am a straight roofer, yes I feel I need to say that. LOL I adore love and I admire people that can keep it together for life. I have been known to photograph the simple parts of love from a couple sharing a sandwich in a square in Madrid, Spain, to a couple embraced in a sensual kiss in Krokow, Poland. Call me a foul mouthed roofer but please always call me to go to your wedding.. One particular marriage I remember is the couple of Teddy Byra and wife. Teddy and his wife (I never learned her name but they were two really beautiful people), came from Poland and I believe they met at the Polish peoples home in Passaic , NJ. My God his wife was so beautiful and Teddy…well lets just say …he was quite a handsome guy himself. Our work day started each and everyday at 6am… Read More →

Roofs on Fire ! Coming to a roof in Jersey City, NJ?

Did you know that the roofer you hire may actually be the cause of your future roof on fire. Now , hold on, this story is not the typical Bad Roofer story. In fact this is a story about the bad materials your Jersey City Roofer is left to work with. Sure there are some very horrible contractors out there. i have seen them with my own eyes. Guys that completely disassemble safety equipment on torching tools. Yes I said torching tools. I actually saw a roofer (that owns his own roofing company) who happens to be a full time Hoboken NJ paid fireman completely rig a torch for applying roofing so that you could not regulate the flame. The torch he set up was always full blast at over 3000 degrees flame, making roofing application of modified bitumen torch down, aka rubber , a hazardous operation. Why did he do that? I have no logical idea why. I saw this first hand because before I went back to the roofing business I worked a short time for him. Anyway back to the meat of this story and let’s work together on figuring out why the Fireman Roofer would do… Read More →

How Green Roofing could save Hoboken, NJ and America

I have personally been involved with developing renewable energy devices for about ten years. My motive has been fame and of course fortune . (too honest for you?) My technology is viable but not without a decent investment and the build of a prototype. I have altered plans for the coil and rotor but I am on hold and back on the roof until chicken little drops some investor from the sky in front of me. For now I will try to save the world and Hoboken, NJ the easy way……with green roofing. So as it goes with entrepreneurs with big ideas and small wallets, we tend to take major risks and just know how to survive. I always seem to survive by returning to my roots as a roofer, no pun intended. Roofing today is about to change drastically especially in urban areas. Rebecca from sunny brook root school will join forces with Mark from real roofers aka Continental Roof Systems Inc to help with the new field of green roof farming. Yes that is it! Hoboken and the world will be saved with installing watertight roofs with vegetation on it. Now do not laugh , my latest… Read More →