Shingle Types and information

Above is a good graphic that separates the different types of shingles that are on the market. In roofers terms we call these the following: strip shingles Dimensional shingles like timberline by GAF Architectural heavy shingles There are quite a few manufacturers in the business and they are spread across many geographic areas. This usually creates a situation where that manufacturer becomes to own the market share due to transportation costs. For Instance most of the shingles in the Northeast come from Baltimore where the Certainteed, GAF and I believe Tamko manufacturing plants are. Shingles are quite heavy and with rising fuel costs for the diesel to deliver them it makes sense to buy local. Shingles are subject to price increases conveniently in the fall when most people decide to do their roofs. This is also due to the fluctuations in oil prices as asphalt is a main component, Eventually shingle will be replaced by much lighter materials that make not even look like roof shingles. I would like to talk about roof nail placement as this is often a concern when fixing a leak or dealing with a blow off. Please see video below. <object width=”560″ height=”315″><param name=”movie” value=”;hl=en_US”></param><param… Read More →

Can we talk about booze and roofers?

There is a scene in the Disney movie “The lady and the tramp” that brings a tear to my eye. It is the part where the lady realizes that she loves the tramp while eating spaghetti and meatballs. Oh what a magic moment. Seems like the tramp and the lady were just going to be happy forever and ever …after all. Ah love. how sweet it is. People love many things and that moment of discovering love is well I guess personal. A roofer told me last month while I was working for a small company that … “He loved Heroin and that using it was like Jesus hugging you”. I mean he was telling me this story in grandeur. So we are up about 9 stories in Hoboken, NJ and this God loving roofer is telling me how to roof. I am up there for $125 a day as a roofer , the contractor a recovering whatever had me carry 7 rolls of Modified Bitumen smooth up the nine flights of stairs as he really does not believe in equipment. So I get on the roof and we are torching this bulkhead that has a skylight in the center… Read More →

My interview for a roofers job.

So roofing or at least my little roof repair business is so slow I decided to try to find some work as “Just a roofer”. I hit up craigslist for a radius initially locally and then I expanded the radius. I have worked for a few other companies as a roofer and it has been quite an experience. Anything from working with people that have no skill , to seeing men just intent on screwing the boss. I have worked on roofs with Ethnic groups that wanted nothing to do with me except see me gone from their crew as I did not fit their culture. I have worked lately with very few good roofers. Nevertheless I am trying to survive. Gotta let life take me. I applied to a company that is in Lancaster, PA some 140 miles away from me. I really do not care about too much except my little start-up in the news space and I need a job to keep going. Besides I am a real roofer and I do not know how to do anything except work hard. My kids don’t want to hear it is slow they just want me to show… Read More →

The variety of tar, some feathers, some fear.

There is a whole lot of tar in this world. There is tar on the road, tar on the beach , and at least some tar on the roof. Now me, I have tar on my shoes, maybe a little bubble gum mixed in. It wasn’t long ago I used to get pleasure in baring my feet after a long day of work swinging a mop full of tar. Removing my boots and driving home barefoot. Back aching and hands cramping were par for the course after a brutal day. Everything must change for everything to stay the same. Tears after being a steady roofer I still seem to find tar on just about everything I own. I don’t do roofs too much anymore, seems there are just no calls coming my way. I am focused on repairs but really not much of those coming my way either. Hmmm is there something different in this world, this America? I mean besides the lack of tar on my boots. Could it be that we have learned to roof so well that demand has shrunk to a point that supply has exceeded the demand? I mean roofers must really be great….nothing is… Read More →

When NASA calls a roofer.

So have you ever seen a flying saucer from the roof? I did not thinks so, neither did I.  Amazing though the stories that you can watch on TV with real live video footage that is maybe doctored. It never looks like much  except for being about 1o miles away and basically looking like lights  and  not much more.  Today we have heard that the Mars probe has landed. This is so not exciting to me. I mean we have enough of our own problems right here on earth. Makes you wonder why NASA or the Federal government would waste the time to go to such a far off place. Why don’t they just try to solve the problems here before going to look for something so far away? . You know what is even funnier is … “Why would NASA waste their time and call a roofer ?” It is a true, I was the roofer that was called one late spring day. They wanted to know about the tech that I had created below. It was an interesting discussion as the caller spent a good amount of time convincing me or trying to convince me that what I… Read More →

Roof Chimney Step Flashing for dummies. Skinning Cats

O.K.  I will start with a question. Q,  How do you properly step flash a chimney? A.  The key to this question is the word properly  and the second key is the definition of properly. As Contractors we are human and maybe a little stubborn about learning new techniques or accepting the techniques of another roofers methodology. The fact of the matter is there is definitely more than one way to skin a Cat. Sounds gruesome to me too. So lets just say that there are many ways to make a roof not leak. The National Roofing Contractors Association has published roof Specifications that have been brought into courtrooms more than once. Usually you get to court because there is a roof leak that created some damage and there was an argument about who was at fault. You really never hear about the odd looking workmanship from the small roofing contractor that just does not look good but is indeed working. Step flashing a chimney has four components. The side walls The rear back wall The front face wall The counter flashing The interesting thing I find throughout Jersey City ,NJ, and the rest of Hudson County is that most… Read More →