Hoboken roofer scores double hard nickels

December 29, 2012 , the past three weeks have brought us two major wind storms. Everywhere you look there has been some type of wind damage, For one roofer in Hoboken, NJ there were double hard nickels. A hard nickel is a five story walk-up . These buildings pose a special challenge for roofers that need to move their material through the building to do their work. Today’s Hoboken buildings are housing some of the greatest minds of finance and tech. These building are the resting grounds for the smart well educated youth that is staffing contemporary NYC. All buildings need to be quiet and clean, the rents are high and so are the standards. When realroofers.com gets a call to repair opr replace a roof in Hoboken it is surely to be a challenge when loading materials and doing the work. Bow do not foregt about the parking challenge. Parking is a game of luck and a mistake there can be a real disaster. Back to the double hard nickels. Definition: two 5 story buildings to repair in the same day. This is exactly what happened December 29, 2012 , Hoboken roofers had to repair two separate large leaks… Read More →

Monmouth County Roofers

In Monmouth County , NJ there are few contractors in the roofing business that focus on roof repair. Mark  732-995-3914 prefers to do roof repair. Mark has over 35 years experience in commercial and residential roof repair in New Jersey. Mark Started in NYC back in 1978 and has been up on the roof ever since. Now his focus is on roof repairs saving home owners thousands of dollars and buying them years of watertight time for their homes , factory, and office. An expert on water flow , Mark feels there is a solution to every problem. Other services that Mark provides are: drainage waterproofing gutters   skylights attic vents  

Google invents the roofing robot, perfect roofs.

Google with all their money from Adword’s has stepped up to get involved with the roofing business.  Google has created roofing robots, all nameless and not necessarily evaluated by the customers they serve.  Now don’t get too excited especially you roofers that worry about the pounds of sweat you have given to performing top quality workmanship. Google with all their money has simply turned you into a robot. You see Google has decided that you rogue men do not deserve to receive reviews published by your customers or to have your customers rate your work . Hmmm you see Google Adword’s and its novelty has worn off. Contractors no longer get the return they used to get from running Adword’s as most customers want to find someone that is in the meat of the search. they don’t want paid for ads of contractors boasting about how great they are. Customers, your customers, want to know what other customers are saying, Did you return if there was a leak, was the work done on time, did your men pee in the bushes? You know stuff like that. Did you know that none of the geniuses at Google have ever made pee… Read More →