First day roofing

I was asked to write about my first day roofing by my boss, Mark. I must admit I was a little embarrassed that I have not “blogged” before, being that I am 23 years old and in the generation that is suppose to be “ultra tech-savvy”. Regardless, there is a first time for everything, and my first day roofing is a good place to start. Having completed three years at Rutgers University working toward a computer science degree and having written countless papers, I anticipate this being a breeze. I will share the experience of my first day roofing, however the journey leading to that day deserves equal attention. The Journey I have worked for a couple great construction companies that have taught me different trades and skills. The last one was a local framing company. It was short lived, however, and I was laid off in September of 2013 due to lack of available work. I decided to take the month of September off to relax before looking for another job. I became stir-crazy at the end of that month, and immediately started looking for a job with another construction company. This is normally an easy task for me… Read More →

Roofers Obamacare

So roofers drink, roof and die. Now we have Obamacare and I have a a secret about it. But first a little of this besides roofers Obamacare   I put the roof on a Schering Plough pharmaceuticals facility in Lafayette, NJ in Northern NJ about thirty years ago. We were subcontractors for Mueller Roofing out of Phillipsburg , NJ. I was 22 and the rest of the crew was near the same age. When we arrived at the site the place smelled like a damn dog kennel and we could here dogs barking. We parked, put up the ladder and found a roof definitely needing replacement. There were six huge blowers on the roof that were venting out the building. The roof was a tear off , we were young and we were moving tail. I have always been thankful for the men I had the chance to work with. The building was full of barking beagles hundreds of them that wre guinea pigs for Heart disease testing. The smell on the roof was horrible. Now we know why Mueller a Union shop gave us this job. He might as well have just killed us then. At the time I… Read More →