Tiny House, Tiny Roofs

Tiny houses may not excite you but they excite me. I was recently having lunch with some hiking friends and we represent a market segment for Tiny houses. We are all aging and worried about our finances.  I find myself these days unable to keep up with the younger roofers, I mean it is time to respect these young men and give them all my knowledge and vision. Coming soon the Tiny House revolution with lots of Tiny roofs. One of my latest visions is what is coming for the unprepared baby boomer group. The non-savers and big gamblers that thought they would never get old. Reality is setting in and the scarmble has begun. Under the Tiny roof they will sit. The demand for Tiny Houses due  to these independent last minute dreamers will increase 300 % in the next 10 years, We will have a shortage of land and parking for the boom in Tiny Houses. Land developers better see what I see and see it soon because here comes the tsunami and demand for a new class of traveling retirees just trying to survive. These Tiny Housers will redefine the American spirit and quest for independence. They… Read More →