A Roofer an Inventor Cedar Shake Expert tool

A Former College athlete and Roofer has invented a new device for tearing off cedar shakes. For years roofers have had a difficult time removing tediously the hand nailed artistry of prior roofers. As painful as it may be to remove another mans handicraft it must be done when the system is failing. On the road in New Orleans far from the fast balls this young man has boot strapped his company by doing roofing work. You as a roofer should support his innovation by purchasing one of these handmade tools and make your life easier. Real Roofer has purchased and we are happy with the tool. For the best Cedar shingle siding or Cedar shingle roofing call 732-995-3914 Mark Nejmeh So now lets talk about what is important with Cedar Shakes Installation. This product must be installed by a professional. The product is scarce and if installed properly the material itself will maintain strong value. It comes mainly from the West Coast so east Coast installs are carrying a pretty heavy transportation cost on top of the material cost. Most roofers need very experienced woodworker on the crew because remember this is a wood product. Siding and roofing have… Read More →

Athletes , Teammates and Roofing

February 26, 2015 New Orleans: Sometimes you get to play with the big boys. Sometimes you become the old wise roofer and you get to be looked up to. The International roofing expo was a great chance to get a birds eye view of your peers and for me an opportunity to share and perhaps mentor. Like other industries that are traditional small business industries the roofing industry can be a great place where you can support a family if you put in enough effort. The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) has shown a concern for the image of the industry. Worried that the image of what a roofer “is” could be in jeopardy, they have begun to create a campaign to inform more potential roofers of a profile that fits. Earlier today when speaking with Bill Good President and Chairman of The NRCA we discussed how roofers tend to be either athletes or outdoors people. Here is an example of some new people that are in the New roofing industry. I randomly had the opportunity to meet Juan and Phil partners in a roofing business. Two former College Basketball Stars who become good friends that they can trust on… Read More →

Have you noticed I am a little weird?

Well I already know the answer to that question. I have been very different since being a kid. I can assure you that I do not think like you do. My style is “by the hip” and because of this I meet so many amazing people. Once I met a girl, it was just after returning from a summer of a Job Creation political action tour across the USA . I was riding the Path Train and I was not in the best mood. I sat next to this young woman about 27 years old . She was tiny and quite warm with an open heart. I looked over at her and saw she was reading one of those self help books about positive thinking. I was utterly appalled. I felt it was the most stupid subject matter I had ever heard of. I asked her why she would read such garbage. She looked up at me and said why would I ask. Her smile was so welcoming and before long we were trading email addresses. Her stop was soon near and she began to prepare her depart. I never knew her mother was sitting just across the way until… Read More →