Hombre I kill you now. You work for me.

As a Mexican-Arab American I have a few viewpoints and sometimes they are cross eyed. This gives you a rare view from inside the tamale.  I always have one foot in and one foot out.  Today I am writing from the perspective as a Mexican that has stood on the streets of New Jersey for a days pay of about $75 when I barely had $3.45 for my chicken and rice the night before. I actually have done this a few times during periods of my attempts to get out of the roofing business. I write to you today with concern. Immigration reform is lining up its pawns, 11,000,000 million of them. For those of you who play chess you know that the pawn is useful to a certain extent. They really will move forward and bring your strategy to light. Chess is a powerful game of war. Politics is also a game of power and not much different than chess. Today’s political  chess game is lined with the newest pawn, the Hispanic worker a month ago considered illegal today considered undocumented.  The government and the associated press changed the term not long ago. They made it officially a term… Read More →