Observation from the Roof Consultants Institute convention

The roof consultants institute is holding their annual trade show and educational seminar. 63 new registered roof observers this year, no one passed the roof consultants test this year.

The RCI organization reported that they had 9 new registered waterproofing consultants in a year. 13 new registered exterior wall consultants, 9 building envelope consultants in the entire year. The RCI has now over 3000 members, 1200 of the 3000 are consultants the balance are contractors or manufacturers.

RCI awards banquet
Observations from the roof consultants convention.

What I observed most about the attendees of the convention was the following:
1. The group is very professional
2. The group is very sincere and interested in good roofing.
3. No one seems competitive because the demand for their services is so high.
4. Professional engineers and Architects respect the none degree holding Consultants equally as peers.
5. The industry does not have a twitter account and has not embraced data mining from the massive roofing industry
6. Thankfully suppliers are absent from the convention and have little influence over the RCI institute
7. The RCI convention has very few supporting contractors attend the event.
8. Most attendees of the convention comment that nothing seems new nd that innovation in the industry is scarce to non-existent.
9. There has not been a migration chart created by the RCI organization representing the potential collaboration of various parts of the industry, contractor, consultant, roofer, water proofer.
10. Although this is a technical convention there is little to zero participation from major Engineering Universities.
11. The concept of a start-up innovation has not been implemented at all .
12. There is no discussion of investing in Start-ups in the technology of roofing.
13. Few if anyone understands that roofing in the USA is a 35 Billion dollar industry stagnant
14. The management and volunteers of the RCI institute are polite , professional and gracious.
15. There is little discussion about bringing awareness to the students studying in school about job opportunities.
16. For the last thirty years the same complaint about the low bidder has been made but nothing has been discussed about the pre-qualifying procedure being written into specifications.

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