Respect a Currency that crosses borders or into life.

    I told you I am an old roofer many times before. I am just now after 35 years beginning to figure out why I am a roofer. Yes I am driven and I am good at what I do. In search of a reason for being on the roof all this time I recognize that all I ever wanted is respect. I think most of the people up on the roof are looking for respect as well. People say I am crazy as a loon, cause i get up on the roof and find peace. You know I ain’t asking nobody for nothing, I cannot get on my own, except what I am about to tell you.   Nobody can give themselves one thing, a little respect This is a true story no one’s name has been changed to protect the guilty. This is the behavior quite standard in the construction industry. Take note of this or pay the price. Location: Allied Building Products route 17 East Rutherford NJ, 12:00 pm January ?, 2014. Task :Pick -up 1 can of Sonoguard waterproofing for use on a box gutter that we were sealing in Jersey City, NJ . Time… Read More →

Tiny House, Tiny Roofs

Tiny houses may not excite you but they excite me. I was recently having lunch with some hiking friends and we represent a market segment for Tiny houses. We are all aging and worried about our finances.  I find myself these days unable to keep up with the younger roofers, I mean it is time to respect these young men and give them all my knowledge and vision. Coming soon the Tiny House revolution with lots of Tiny roofs. One of my latest visions is what is coming for the unprepared baby boomer group. The non-savers and big gamblers that thought they would never get old. Reality is setting in and the scarmble has begun. Under the Tiny roof they will sit. The demand for Tiny Houses due  to these independent last minute dreamers will increase 300 % in the next 10 years, We will have a shortage of land and parking for the boom in Tiny Houses. Land developers better see what I see and see it soon because here comes the tsunami and demand for a new class of traveling retirees just trying to survive. These Tiny Housers will redefine the American spirit and quest for independence. They… Read More →

Green Roofs for Urban Sprawl. Great roofs Green roofs

Green roofs an Urban dwellers experience. For months I’ve informed my landlord on all the benefits of a green roof. Last year during a heavy rain season, the gutter pipe burst, flooding the entryway of my basement apartment. I woke up to find my living room three inches deep in rainwater and my landlord screaming at the sky in Spanish. “The pump, it was supposed to be strong!” he wept. We had to replace the floors, the area rug and some of my electronics. The problem with living in an urban landscape is that most of our surface area is not at all absorbent. With our bricks and hard pavement, water runoff enters the sewer system all at once in great volume. The water levels down there rise and this is why during a rainstorm, the city begins to smell foul. Romantic movies forget to mention that unsavory detail as the urban couple runs out into the rain and kisses. If we had more green spaces, there would be no issue. A green roof retains water rather than deflect it onto the streets. Rainwater hits the vegetation, seeps into the engineered soil and like a gigantic sponge, it soaks up… Read More →

First day roofing

I was asked to write about my first day roofing by my boss, Mark. I must admit I was a little embarrassed that I have not “blogged” before, being that I am 23 years old and in the generation that is suppose to be “ultra tech-savvy”. Regardless, there is a first time for everything, and my first day roofing is a good place to start. Having completed three years at Rutgers University working toward a computer science degree and having written countless papers, I anticipate this being a breeze. I will share the experience of my first day roofing, however the journey leading to that day deserves equal attention. The Journey I have worked for a couple great construction companies that have taught me different trades and skills. The last one was a local framing company. It was short lived, however, and I was laid off in September of 2013 due to lack of available work. I decided to take the month of September off to relax before looking for another job. I became stir-crazy at the end of that month, and immediately started looking for a job with another construction company. This is normally an easy task for me… Read More →

Roofers Obamacare

So roofers drink, roof and die. Now we have Obamacare and I have a a secret about it. But first a little of this besides roofers Obamacare   I put the roof on a Schering Plough pharmaceuticals facility in Lafayette, NJ in Northern NJ about thirty years ago. We were subcontractors for Mueller Roofing out of Phillipsburg , NJ. I was 22 and the rest of the crew was near the same age. When we arrived at the site the place smelled like a damn dog kennel and we could here dogs barking. We parked, put up the ladder and found a roof definitely needing replacement. There were six huge blowers on the roof that were venting out the building. The roof was a tear off , we were young and we were moving tail. I have always been thankful for the men I had the chance to work with. The building was full of barking beagles hundreds of them that wre guinea pigs for Heart disease testing. The smell on the roof was horrible. Now we know why Mueller a Union shop gave us this job. He might as well have just killed us then. At the time I… Read More →

Roofer, Have you seen Pete ?

The following I will consider the first short blog of a series called WITABAR short for “When I think about being a roofer” So welcome to my mind and my memory as a roofer.   WITABAR- “When I think about being a roofer” Story number 1, “Have you seen Pete?” I couldn’t tell you exactly how I became so rich. I lived in a big house, about 6000 square feet all brick and it looked like me.   I remember waking and looking over the grand foyer in amazement of what I had accomplished. Although beautiful in spatial feature it made me feel doomed. I had dealt with a tumultuous time over the last few years attempting to challenge an understanding of the trauma I had experienced. Miles of hills I felt I climbed trying to reinvent myself falling right back to lower than where I started. I was back in roofing , the jobs were smaller, the men were troubled , less talented, and I was just scared to death every waken and sleepful moment. I pushed myself each day because I loved my children but there were tears behind my eyes as i struggled with it all. On… Read More →

Angel Investors Roofers

Can a Roofer be like Angel Investors? Yes ! So there is this guy ( Angel investors ) that invested $500,000 in Facebook and cashed out at well over $300,000,000 , that is millions for you roofers. His investment came right when you were buying that $60,000 dollar truck that was going to last you ten years and continue making you money for the next ten years. I guess I am talking about the big “what if” here. What if you were one of the Angel investors? At the time of his investment he already knew that there were other investors behind Facebook. He evaluated the scheme and jumped in. The rest is history. I guess you are thinking right now that it is a lucky thing that Facebook started because now you have 32 likes on your page, although they are just from other roofers. Then came Yelp, now here is a company that had a real innovation. They decided to let customers review small businesses like yours. The harder you work the more money Yelp makes. Their software development at my guess probably cost $40,000 to put together and another $250,000 in marketing effort. Yelp is now worth… Read More →

Gutters size matters

There are a few papers written on the size of gutter that should be used. I never have these papers in hand when I determine that a gutter is the wrong size. I live by a simple rule when it comes to gutter size. Some may argue but most houses will agree. Bigger is Better! Gutters size   Let me make it simple for you. How to find the right gutter size? 2×3 leaders should be used with 5 inch gutter on houses with roof square footage under 2500 square feet. 3×4 leaders can be used with 5 inch gutter that have have runs greater than 40 feet and are collecting water from roofs 1500 square feet and greater 4×5 are generally used for commericial flat roofs with areas greater than 1500 square feet. 5 inch gutters use these on small houses with small fascias. 6 inch gutters Large profile these gutters are not aesthetic on small houses at 1 story but that can work on smaller houses above 20 feet from the ground. These gutters are large and can carry water from roof areas 2000 square feet to 6000 square feet with a number of large leaders at least… Read More →

Social work for Roofers

The roofing industry is scarred with dysfunction.  I recall my first days at Lawrence Brothers construction in Crystal Lake, Illinois. The crews were always marred with at least some alcoholic or recent ex-convict. You would think that roofing attracts the desperate but I have different theory. The nature of a roofer is resilience, a roofer requires stamina.  The mental conditioning is the most critical element a roofer must attain. Many question if this is something that is born into people. I claim that most likely it was kicked into most roofers.  Speaking for myself I am the survivor of extreme childhood abuse. I learned to take pain and handle it with a smile. My most recent hire is a former drug addict and just released convict. We use him for commercial works only and are very cautious and attentive to his behavior. We know not to believe a word he says and to keep a distance as to not let our guard down. The men that have been around more than ten years with me say that he is tranquil but we still watch. I am not interested in being a social worker and I despise the weak that suck… Read More →

Fat guy leads in a roof drain and why?

I am not sure how many of the roofers across the country know how to lead in a drain. I am also not sure how many actually lead in modified bitumen roofs but they certainly should. I would like to hear from roofers across the country to determine what methods they are using when installing modified roof systems . Below please find an informational video that should help you all with the basics. [youtube][/youtube]   Please post your comments