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Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for. I am reporting to you from the roof consultants convention. I recently attended the Roof Consultants convention. I also attended region 1 meeting for roof consultants in which details of important issues are discussed. I had mentioned to the group that I was a contractor and the discussion of RRO registered roof observers came up.

Registered Roof Observer RRO big money

RCI International convention and trade show
Roof consultants convention

The consultants were discussing the shortage of Roof observers more often called RRO’s . Apparently the roof consultants institute has a test to for observers to actually be designated as an RRO . The RCI has managed to get the requirement of having a designated RRO requirement written into the specs for government and some large companies.For the RRO approval there is a test. The test requires a discussion of all roofing systems. The concern of the consultants is the shortage of educated tested and available observers. Many of the roof consultants have supposedly used college students with zero experience in roofing or have been forced to use their design staff. My comment was simple “I never met an RRO that was worth a damn” and further more since the consultants claim that the job of the RRO is just to watch and observe and that’s it I cannot see a logical need for the RRO. seems to me like a big ripoff and can be better served with a few video cameras. Well as usual I ruffled some feathers. I needed to step back and figure out why what I say comes to be such an insult to these fine men.
Most RRO’s roof observers are former roofers or are supposed to be. Many consultants suggested that they turn to the union for RRO’s .This would be an issue since Union guys just love inspecting scab non-union work and oh yeah what is that picket line there and burly guys with guns doing at the foot of your ladder?

RRO registered roof observers are usually former or now even present day roofers
Registered Roof observers 732-995-3914

I needed to think for a few minutes . Then I had the ah ha moment. You see Roof consultants are willing to pay up to $100 dollars per hour for a registered roof observer in some parts of the country, makes sense low supply high demand. But I still did not get why my comment upset the consultants so much, but then, I had another ah ha moment. The RRO is part of the profit model of the roof consultant. A roof consultant if paying $100 for a RRO will charge the government or private customer $300 per hour . You see every time I open my mouth and people get upset you can figure I might have reached into their pockets and by accident scratched their family jewels.

A RRO can earn as much as $100 plus per hour.

If you are a roofer this is a grand opportunity to use your experience and expand your income, travel a bit in your off season or when you need a break. It may also be a great opportunity for you to earn new techniques all around the country. This could make you a better roofer. Just make sure you get paid.

Register to take the RRO exam at You will also need to be recommended by three professionals so start sucking up.

You roofers can always call me Mark Nejmeh 732-995-3914 and we can help you get some knowledge ON the roof. This should be part of your career path my friend and a great way to make a difference. The roof is our laboratory.

If you have an idea for a better way to roof or an invention please contact me and we will consider funding you through my company

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