A Roofer an Inventor Cedar Shake Expert tool

A Former College athlete and Roofer has invented a new device for tearing off cedar shakes. For years roofers have had a difficult time removing tediously the hand nailed artistry of prior roofers. As painful as it may be to remove another mans handicraft it must be done when the system is failing.

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Former college athlete invents the perfect tool for Cedar Shake roof replacement

On the road in New Orleans far from the fast balls this young man has boot strapped his company by doing roofing work. You as a roofer should support his innovation by purchasing one of these handmade tools and make your life easier. Real Roofer has purchased and we are happy with the tool.

Cedar ripper Cedar Shakes
Experts use the right tools for Cedar Shingle tear-off and install @realroofer

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So now lets talk about what is important with Cedar Shakes Installation. This product must be installed by a professional. The product is scarce and if installed properly the material itself will maintain strong value. It comes mainly from the West Coast so east Coast installs are carrying a pretty heavy transportation cost on top of the material cost.

Most roofers need very experienced woodworker on the crew because remember this is a wood product. Siding and roofing have different skills and should not be undertaken by just the average roofer and Siding person.

The key elements to consider is the design of the roof. Copper valleys and flashing should not be used with cedar as the cedar will eventually eat away at the copper. Stainless Steel or Terne metal is a much better choice or even Lead coated copper.

For the best install call a competent roofer that has good reviews in this type of work.

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