@roofingexpo roofing observations from the show

The 2015 Roofing convention

The solar industry is taking on a form of its own. They are not with the roofing industry and they will be the root cause of a great deal of repair work. Gaf is recommending all roofing contractors prepare to work with Solar companies. Solar is more of a Wall St play as they prepare to bundle SREC’s and create a new financial instrument for trading.

Insurance is a problem and an opportunity for Wall St.if they actually participated in risk management someone will make a fortune. The fact is the entire industry is seriously under insured. More and more companies are calling their workers subcontractors.
Two reasons for this:
1. Hard working illegal immigrants that can work legally as independents.
2. Insurance industry completely out of touch and lazy.

GAF finally admits that Asphalt formulations have been a problem.

Asphalt is on it way out as a waterproofing agent

Venting is a consideration causing many problems all over the country yet the science of venting is rarely Known.

The NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) has fallen short for all roofing contractors. The NRCA is losing its punch and way too expensive.

The attendance of the @roofingexpo was dominated by sales companies and Hail Storm chasers that strictly sell hard and subcontract.

The newest addition to the aisles were software companies and big Lead generation companies.

SEO might as well be a type of roofing because it is a major topic of discussion.

The internet is the driver of most sales.

Innovation is scarce in the roofing industry.

It was not the same old roofing convention as JM , Certainteed and GAF try to provide non traditional services for roofing contractors mainly because the NRCA has failed.

The biggest worry for the roofing industry should be Homeadvisor , Houzz, and others online services as they try to steer leads only to those contractors that pay them. Think of them as companies that steal your brand and make it their own.

There should be serious concerns since home ownership continues to dwindle and student loans strangle investment in the home.

TPO was the biggest conference with a complete confusion over which is the proper formulation. TPO will be the focus of a major class action suit since MOLD is showing up under roofs that are NOT leaking.

Another crisis in roofing is training.

Consolidation of suppliers is a red flag as service and quality of materials falters.

Solar bracket companies were plentiful at the show but none of them followed good roofing practice.

The industry is spinning out of control.

Everyone wants to be a REALROOFER

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