Women in Roofing

I have a question. Which one of you roofers would like to talk about WOMEN? Now lets talk about them in the roofing industry. There are so few women in roofing that at a roof consulting or roofer convention I want to look away because hey I am staring. I mean what the hell, women stand out in the roofing industry. I am reporting to you from the Roof Consultants convention in San Antonio. So far I have seen two real deal women in the consulting role. They were on their game but not 100% there. They seemed to gather data well but you could tell they had zip hands on experience and have not faced the physical challenges of the roof.

Other women I have meet here have been rather attractive women in sales. It seems like the roofing industry has caught on to the fact that men do not like to say no to women. The pharmaceutical industry has used this technique for years. Pretty woman shows up and says lets do lunch and by the way use these drugs for your patients. The doctor mouth open shakes his head YES and the rest is history.

Women in roofing more to come
Women in roofing can be intoxicating. Three cheers

You will be seeing more women in roofing now because of three things. They will sell because men will buy, they will get WBE minority status, and because it is a politically correct gesture. I am not for helping women get started in roofing and I am not for helping men get started in roofing. I think if you wanted come and get it. As for the sales women, well i do not talk with sales people and I do not do lunch. I am a roofer and I am busy but OKAY maybe I will sit down with a drop dead gorgeous salesperson.

‘They call me a chauvinist pig. I am, and I don’t give a damn’

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